Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Playlist for Tuesday, September 17, 2013: A celebration of the magic and mystery of "(Music From) the Elder"

  1. KISS -- Fanfare / Just a Boy
  2. The Wallies -- Wait for You
  3. The All-About -- Summer Sheets
  4. The Great American Novel -- My Body Is Dumb
  5. Dan Wilson -- Your Brighter Days
  6. White Denim -- Pretty Green
  7. Nancy -- Midnite
  8. KISS -- Under the Rose / A World Without Heroes
  9. San Fermin -- Sonsick
  10. BBGun -- Heavy
  11. No Age -- An Impression
  12. Motel Mirrors -- Meet Me on the Corner
  13. Benton Falls -- Trial and Error
  14. The Ghost In You -- New Born
  15. Parlours -- I Dream of Chicago
  16. Coheed & Cambria -- Time Consumer
  17. The Eyeliners -- Ooh Way Ooh (I Don't Like You)
  18. the I.D. -- A Bigger Picture
  19. Let Me Run -- Fall In
  20. Lily & Madeleine -- Things I'll Later Lose
  21. The Gray Havens -- Music From a Garden
  22. Muckafurgason -- Atari
  23. The Pin-Ups -- Spacegrrl Superb
  24. KISS -- The Oath / Escape from the Island
Three cheers for the rise and fall of the concept album in the late 70s and early 80s.  This week's show was dedicated to the quickly forgotten by the masses, but loved by the few, "(Music From) The Elder."  There used to be a small controversy about who's arm is on the album cover.  For years KISS claimed it was a hand model hired for the photoshoot, but then a pic of lead man Paul Stanley appeared in 2011 putting it back into dispute.  I personally think Stanley had the pic taken as a joke around the same time of the actual photoshoot  Because, really, why deny it all these years?  You decide:

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